Direct Marketing Services – When Inbound Isn’t Enough

As part of your marketing communications program , or when Inbound marketing may not be enough to reach a specific audience, RainCastle can implement an outbound direct marketing program to engage the customer where they are and drive them to your site or to the phone. Our goal is to create qualified leads, while continually building brand awareness.

We will plan and implement specific direct marketing programs aligned with your objectives. With each, we will ascertain your target audience, define or confirm their buyer personas, craft compelling offers, choose the delivery channel(s), identify metrics and implement the program. Once converted to a lead, we can nurture the prospect with additional, specific messaging and content to guide them down the path toward becoming customers. We will measure the success of the direct marketing initiatives against your goals and continuously improve on your results.

Our direct marketing services include:

Outbound/Direct Services:

RainCastle provides full implementation services:

We manage all aspects of implementation including strategy and planning, concept, design, production, copywriting, photography, illustration and printing. Regarding measurement, we handle CRM integration, lead tracking and analytics.

RainCastle can partner with you to implement the details of your direct marketing plan — as an adjunct to an overall web design and development project and/or as an ongoing service to your firm. Let us enable you to deliver turn-key marketing programs that meet and exceed your marketing and business goals.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Today, your website and inbound marketing initiatives are at the center of your marketing plan. However, like you, RainCastle knows that you still need to establish and implement a holistic marketing program with both innovative online and offline channels to reach your prospects and customers, wherever they are, with the right message at the right time, through the right channel.

RainCastle seeks to understand your audience, your business goals and your marketing plan in order to be your successful marketing implementation partner.

We will work with you to realize a custom-tailored program aligned with your business objectives. Our marketing communication work will enable you to reach your target, build brand awareness, and generate qualified leads.

Our core services for marketing communications include: