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Why Facebook Timeline is a Game Changer for Small B2B Companies

Facebook is an increasingly important tool for both company marketing and customer engagement. The now ubiquitous social media platform is an integral part of much of the population’s day-to-day life, and marketers have been able to infuse their brands almost seamlessly into this everyday habit.

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Steve Jobs’ Legacy: Phase 1, Flash Finale

flash icon“Adobe Bows in Office Feud,” so reads the headline of the front page article in today’s Wall Street Journal in the Marketplace section. The gist is that Adobe will no longer attempt to push Flash for browsers that come with smart phones and tablet computers and will increase its support of HTML5.

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5 Starter Tips for Mobile Design

mobile designAs the mobile channel advances toward its tipping point, we are all learning best practices for mobile design, which are not always consistent with web design. Here are 5 key points to keep in mind with your mobile sites.

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Current Trends in Navigation Part 2: Deep vs. Wide

The trend in B2B Website Navigation

In two separate client meetings last week the same question arose: is it better to have deep scrolling web pages that require fewer clicks to arrive at desired content, or shorter pages requiring less scrolling but more clicks?

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Current Trends in Website Navigation

Clients as Information Architects

That our clients have become more sophisticated web users is a reflection of the web not being a new medium anymore. We’re finding that our clients are increasingly thinking like information architects about how their audiences will navigate to desired content. It is a time for web designers to examine long-held notions of what constitutes a good UI.

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What Factor Determines Website Navigation Most?

I was talking to a European client this morning, He was asking me for examples of websites with navigation typical of an American company. While the client was perhaps looking for cultural distinctions, I thought that website navigation was an interesting topic and one that we are asked about often. The subject warrants a series of posts, so for the sake of brevity, this post will present the macro view. For this discussion, I will address the B2B space.

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5 Tips for Creating an Effective U.S. Website

We’ve been asked recently by some global companies seeking to increase their U.S. business,“What makes an effective website for the U.S. market?” This article is addressed to them but the answer represents general best practices. Read more

Design Gets Big

As a classically trained designer, I was instilled with the best practices of the Bauhaus in how to make things functional and beautiful and that in fact function can be a form of beauty. The integration of form and function presaged the digital era and is certainly the driving force in web design, user interface and information architecture.

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