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The Manifest Hails RainCastle Communications, Inc. as Boston’s Best Reviewed Branding Agency for 2023

It’s almost been three years since we at RainCastle Communications, Inc. embarked on this journey to help companies solve whatever digital problems they have. Since 1994, we’ve been delivering flawless solutions like the website design to content marketing. Our hard work helped us earn the incredible trust of our beloved clients throughout the years — […]

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Part 5: CoronaScale In scale, relationships matter. So does size, although bigger is not always better. Scale is one of the fundamental tools a designer has to tell a visual story. It refers to the relative size of objects on a page whose physical relationship to one another indicates their importance,  instructing viewers which elements […]

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Part 4: CoronaUsability   For large websites, we conduct usability testing because the cost of launching a site on which many people will rely, is too high to leave to chance. In a typical website usability test, we will design a set of tasks the typical website user will need to conduct on the site, […]

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Part 3: CoronAlignment   We’ve lost alignment over social distancing and mask wearing As designers, we always look to achieve balance, harmony and order in a layout so that our clients will focus on the message rather than mechanics of whatever communications we’re presenting. Letters and words are our bread and butter and making their […]


The Pandemic Through a Designer’s Eye (Clone)

That the world is living though a unique moment is the rare fact upon which we all agree. The Pandemic Through a Designer’s Eye is a five-part series that looks at the crisis of our lifetime as a design problem and shows how design principles are relevant to its resolution. Each article profiles a specific […]


Five Best Practices for Websites & Brand Messaging

Where brand messaging and web design intersect, successful websites result. This is the lens through which discussions of web best practices and trends are best viewed. Best practices, like trends, are constantly evolving measures, but where trends are a measure of popularity, best practices are about quality standards. Here, I offer a mix of universal best practices, and with […]