Branding Strategy

The ability of your clients, prospects and employees to share a common view of your organization, the results of your marketing programs, and whether or not your website generates leads, are all predicated on first having a sound brand strategy in place. While we are all in a hurry to generate leads and convert them, when you start off with a website refresh or a marketing program, it becomes quickly evident if the brand strategy and brand messaging have not been addressed. The diagram below shows our process for defining your brand strategy.

Brand strategy diagram

Through interviews with internal stakeholders and external audiences, audits of existing research and content, competitive website audits and analysis and interpretation of the results, we define your brand territory. This insight enables us to craft differentiated brand messaging that, with passion and clarity, addresses the needs of your varied audiences. With this foundation in place, we express the brand strategy visually, interactively and in copy.

Visual Brand Strategy

Having established your differentiated brand strategy, we are now in a position to express it as a cohesive visual identity that is as on-target as it is exciting. We apply the visual expression to your website, collateral, presentations, marketing programs, infographics, event graphics and social media. Visualizing your brand strategy is the magic that brings your brand to life, providing the emotional hook that engages customers and employees and that will make your competitors envious.

Our B2B branding services, while integrated, are grouped into these categories: