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State of Transparency. Creating a consumer healthcare transparency website for MA.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts came to RainCastle with a compelling opportunity: create an easy-to-use website that makes healthcare cost and quality transparent for consumers.

The Challenge

To fulfill this opportunity we addressed a number of challenges:

Custom Website Design Services

Create a website where consumers can easily see not only what providers charge for specific procedures, but how well they are rated.

Custom Website Design Services

Include content explaining how the healthcare system works, how to handle problems with your healthcare and how to get in touch with insurance providers.

Custom Website Design Services

Build a destination that serves as the foundation of a powerful consumer healthcare transparency brand we named “Compare Care.”

Building the Brand

Fulfilling our mission involved a holistic, multidimensional engagement focused on five key areas.

  1. At the core is a consumer-focused User Experience that is simple, inviting and intuitive. With just a few clicks, users can access clear, actionable information to make informed decisions regarding their care.
  2. We developed a comprehensive Brand and Messaging strategy, beginning with a Landscape Analysis of the marketplace and culminating with a Strategic Brief outlining the audience-specific brand imperatives.
Custom Website Design Services
Custom Website Design Services
  1. We created content to educate consumers about medical procedures, with decision aids and guidance on troubleshooting common problems. Navigating healthcare choices involves sifting through lots of complex data from multiple sources. We developed a fully integrated database of provider cost and quality metrics that makes zeroing in on relevant information fast and easy.
  1. The issue of healthcare cost and quality transparency touches many stakeholders including insurers, providers and consumer advocates. We supported CHIA in reaching out to stakeholders, educating them about the project, alleviating their concerns and identifying potential barriers.
Custom Website Design Services
Custom Website Design Services
  1. The website achieves the following client goals by enabling consumers to:
    • Compare treatment costs
    • Compare provider quality
    • Get answers to their healthcare questions
    • Troubleshoot common issues with insurance and healthcare

“We chose the RainCastle team based on the excellent experience of our partner organization, the Betsy Lehman Center. From day one, they demonstrated an uncanny ability to transform the extreme complexity of the healthcare system into a user friendly experience that we believe will be a most valuable resource for the citizens of Massachusetts”

Margaret Anschutz, Special Projects Manager
Center for Health Information and Analytics