Raincastle’s Healthcare Transparency Website Goes Live For State of Massachusetts

RainCastle Communications, in collaboration with the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA), created the CompareCare website for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to help consumers make more informed decisions about health care.

The new website, www.masscomparecare.gov, enables Massachusetts consumers to compare the cost and quality of medical procedures in hospitals and health care facilities in different cities, to make informed decisions, solve problems and ascertain the best value for their health care.

“From day one, RainCastle demonstrated an uncanny ability to transform the extreme complexity of the healthcare system into a user-friendly experience that we believe will be a most valuable resource for the citizens of Massachusetts,” said Margaret Anschutz, Special Projects Manager, Center for Health Information and Analytics.

Paul Regensburg, RainCastle’s President and Creative Director, said his team collaborated to fulfill a variety of goals:

  • Brand and name the website
  • Compare treatment costs
  • Compare provider quality
  • Provide answers to healthcare questions
  • Troubleshoot common issues about insurance and healthcare

Read more about the CompareCare website in RainCastle’s case study and in this Boston Globe article.

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