RainCastle Communications Teams With Mass Golf Association For New Website Design

BOSTON, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RainCastle Communications and The Massachusetts Golf Association again teamed up; this time to create a new content hub website serving Massachusetts golfers. Anyone who wants to play golf in Massachusetts can come to the site to find a specific club or get a selection of member clubs in their area.

“RainCastle’s role was to create a compelling, modern, digital/mobile presence for MassGolf that would attract and motivate new members while respecting the traditions of the sport and the organizations from which MassGolf has emerged,” says Paul Regensburg, President and Creative Director of RainCastle.

To establish the new MassGolf brand for members and prospective members RainCastle created a special landing page that introduces the logo, the strategic mission, core values, key services and a video that shares the story. With so much website traffic and so many content options, creating a fast and easy user experience was paramount. To accomplish this, RainCastle created a visual library of icons to enhance rapid communication.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with RainCastle for quite a few years, on our previous site as well as the new one. Both were excellent experiences. Their dedicated client service and deep insight into our organization has resulted in now two websites of which we are very proud,” said Becky Blaeser, Director of Communications, MassGolf.

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