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RainCastle Renames and Rebrands Mt. Pleasant Country Club as "The Haven" Country Club

RainCastle Renames and Rebrands Mt. Pleasant Country Club as “The Haven” Country Club

Mt. Pleasant Country Club, for fifty seven years a venerable country club in Boylston, MA has changed its name and brand to The Haven Country Club. Two things fueled the need for a name change — the brand confusion with Pleasant Valley Country Club, in Sutton and Mount Pleasant Golf Course in Lowell and the arrival of new management.
The new management hired RainCastle to conduct a series of interviews with club members to help ascertain what the Club’s brand should emphasize. The results crystallized into identifying the Club as a true “haven” for recreation, relaxation, golf and social activities. RainCastle first developed the Club’s brand positioning relative to competitive country clubs and then a set of messages that could be used by management and applied to website, collateral and other promotional materials. By identifying the components of the brand, RainCastle submitted list of name candidates from which “The Haven” was selected by the new management. RainCastle then created the corporate identity, which was subsequently applied to all media.
As a golfer, I had a real appreciation for what the new management team was trying to accomplish and was able to relate to the brand they are building and people they wish to attract and retain, said Paul Regensburg, President and Creative Director of RainCastle. “Our many conversations during the brand process lead us to a very natural conclusion that they are building a haven so why not call it ‘The Haven?’ The logo of the pine cone then followed in homage to their New England landscape,” Regensburg concluded.

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