RainCastle launches New Website for VMRay

RainCastle is pleased to announce the launch of the new VMRay website as well as a cohesive set of marcom materials including booth graphics, e-newsletter, PowerPoint, etc., all based on the concept that VMRay is “X-Ray for Malware.”

VMRay’s automated malware analysis and detection solutions help enterprises around the world minimize business risk, protect their valuable data and safeguard their brands. They accomplish this by quickly analyzing malware behavior and identifying malicious code and other indicators of compromise, while remaining invisible to malware. They accomplish this by quickly analyzing and identifying threats and extracting indicators of compromise (IOCs), while remaining invisible to malware.

“Cybersecurity is a highly competitive marketplace and we felt that the X-ray metaphor presented the dual advantage of brand recognition for the VMRay name and conceptually elegant approach to to the essence of what VMRay represents,” said Paul Regensburg, President and Creative Director of RainCastle. “Each time one visits the website, a new X-ray image is served, keeping the site fresh and exciting,” added Regensburg.

For more information:
Paul Regensburg
RainCastle Communications