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The Switch to GA4 and What You Need to Know

To better understand the consumer journey, you will need to understand a bit more about Google Analytics 4. GA4 is a brand-new property created for the future of measurement. It works by:

  • Utilizing event-based data rather than session-based data
  • Including privacy protections including cookieless measurement, behavioral modeling, and conversion optimization
  • Offering guidance without complex models through predictive capabilities
  • Using direct integrations with media platforms aid in generating activity on your app or website

google analytics universal analytics

Some metrics on Google Analytics Universal Analytics (UA) will change during the switch to GA4. Bounce rate is no longer a standard metric. It is replaced by user engagement data, tracking engaged sessions, conversions, and how often engaged sessions occur and how many engaged sessions occur per user. The switch to GA4 will automate some processes that had to be manually installed through tracking codes, such as previously needing to manually set up triggers to start collecting data which will now be automatically triggered through the start of a session on your website.

What Do You Need to Do?

The total switch from UA to GA4 will take place on July 1, 2023. Before that date, setting up your GA4 dashboard and getting a feel for how the changes work will benefit you. The best practice recommendation is to set up a GA4 property now with your existing UA properties since you will be able to use the GA4 Setup Assistant to configure your GA4 parameters using your current tagging. For more broken-down steps of how to upgrade to GA4, you can refer to Google’s website, which breaks down the process into 12 parts with action items to ensure your migration goes smoothly.

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