Maximize Website Content to Increase B2B Lead Generation


What does it mean to have a lead generation website? At its core, it’s sparking viewers’ interest in doing business with you. Does your B2B website do a good job capturing your audience? If you haven’t implemented these techniques, probably not; the upside is there’s room for growth.

Content: Offer more instructional and informational content than your competitors. Create textual, visual, and aural content that helps solve problems or leverage opportunities. The more senses your content stimulates, the more engaging it becomes. Offering content that delivers unique value will help differentiate your company from your competition.

YouTube: Next to Google, YouTube is the most used search engine for product or service information. It’s a great tool for relationship building. Creating a YouTube channel allows you to add a personal touch to the content you broadcast. Just one popular video can create a ton of leads. And don’t forget to add the videos to your website!

Free Downloads: People respond to free things. Can you offer case studies, white papers or e-books for free? If so, get to it as soon as possible by offering them on your website. But of course, don’t forget to ask for their email so you can add them to your database.

Cross Promotion: Network with companies synergistic to your business, without competing. Link to their sites and have them link to yours. Collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, and promote their products. You can even divert some of your leads to your partners if you see that they can serve the customer’s needs better than you.

Blogging: While content creation can be a one-time effort, blogging is a dynamic undertaking. Listen to Twitter chats and mine LinkedIn groups for what your customers are saying. Write blog posts responsive to their goals, aspirations, concerns and fears. Make this a frequent exercise. By establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you will increase leads.

Webcasts & Podcasts: To create excitement and interest in your company’s products or services, your voice should demonstrate clarity and authority. This will motivate your viewers to click the “Contact Us” link and to submit a query.

Newsletters: Add a few of your newsletters to your website as examples for visitors. Once people know that you share useful content and that you won’t spam them, they will be much more comfortable signing up.

Cross Selling and Upselling: Build an ongoing relationship with your customers by continuing to offer value even after the original transaction is done. Create products and services that complement or upgrade the initial purchase and make these opportunities visible on your website so customers and prospects continue to inquire. Using your newsletter is another helpful way to remind them.

SEO: Search engine optimization enables you to capitalize on everything above. Did you include a160-character meta-description for your posts? Does your YouTube video have a 350-word description that Google can index? Do your links and backlinks have optimized anchor text? The technical elements of SEO matter and they go hand-in-hand with soft elements such as value, trust, authority, readability, and shareability.

If you spend time generating valuable content and distributing it frequently on your website, social media and blogs, your SEO results will gradually improve and so will your website viewership and sales leads. Right now, you may be doing some of the above with varying degrees of effectiveness. The end goal is to do it all with proficiency.

It is a continuous process to achieve optimal results, but if you recognize where you’re falling short and execute plans to bridge the gaps, the gentle trickle you see now will become a stream, a river and then a sea of leads you will net.

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