How to Use Video as a Marketing Tool

The Benefits of Video Marketing for B2B Companies

video_iconAre you struggling with your company’s content strategy and social media strategy? Video is an effective way to elevate your social media plan and hook your viewers. Several of our clients are asking us to integrate video into their websites and social media and here’s why we recommend doing it.

A short video (up to two minutes) is an opportunity to tell your company’s story. We recently updated our website and by embedding a video on the “About RainCastle” page, we were able to tell our story in a new way. Within seconds, prospective clients and employees gain insight into our culture and team, even some of our technologists who often work behind the scene.

Video shows how your product or service works. In less than a minute, by showing a demo, a video can explain how a new technology or product works. Our client, AirStrip Technologies, creates medical software that allows healthcare providers to monitor patient data on their mobile devices. They use video to demo and promote the exciting new technology they’ve developed – technology that enables clinicians to interact with and respond rapidly to clinically relevant patient health information.

Marketing consultant and former Procter & Gamble Co. chief marketer, Jim Stengel, tweets regularly, often using video to talk about “brand ideal.” And Public Relations leaders encourage B2B clients to deliver their message via video. A recent Lois Paul blog, “How B2B Companies Can Use Instagram to Make an Impact,” talks about how some companies like Maersk Line, Cisco and Intel are experimenting with delivering their message concisely over Instagram.

Videos lend credibility and authenticity. We recently created a website for RedPoint Global, a marketing automation software firm, utilizing a series of video customer testimonials on the homepage, which lends instant credibility to the content of the site and trustworthiness of their organization.

Videos of product demos, customer testimonials, introductory explanations and interviews offered on a straightforward B2B site can be used to draw in and develop leads. And repurposing video across social media channels such as your blog, Email campaigns, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can make them an even more successful means of marketing. For more tips on how to use video:

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