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Four Tips for Naming a StartUp Business

naming.pngNaming is fun, rewarding, creative and interesting. How’s that for negating just about every post about the pitfalls of naming or how tedious it seems to be for many people? Granted, naming in a world of diminishing dot com availability is a challenge, but overall, I’ve found naming to be more gratifying than frustrating — when you have the right approach.

I’ve distilled four criteria that when followed, will greatly increase your chance for success and provide awareness of where the pitfalls lie so you can minimize time-intensive dead ends.

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Six Steps to Simplifying Naming Companies and Branding

names_outline.pngFaced with naming companies, you may conjure visions of silly corporate naming competitions over cold pizza or the endless search for the elusive, available url, which often results in a substandard name by default. While happy accidents can happen, most naming exercises fail because they are purely subjective, not based on any brand strategy.

RainCastle is your source for branding and marketing services. We work with clients to help them promote their message and create a memorable brand identity in their industry. Part of that work starts with a name that represents them. Contact us if you find that you can’t pinpoint the right name for your brand! In the meantime, let’s go over why a company name is so important:

A name is the most visible manifestation of your brand, whether it is a corporate, product or service brand, or if you’re trying to name a startup, it needs to be built on a solid foundation. Having lead quite a few naming processes, I’ve found success by breaking down the process into six steps.

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Product Naming and Branding: What You Should Know

Product naming architecture and branding are strategic processes that can highly benefit your company if done right. With 28 years in the marketing and web design industry, we take pride in the branding and product advice we provide to clients. However, we also like to offer them knowledge of the strategies we use and how we develop them. 

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