How Your Rebranding Strategy Leads to More Sales

Our staff has marveled at just how frequently the companies for whom we have provided brand strategy, visual branding and website redesign, have been purchased by larger companies not long afterward.

Soon after we provided branding and web design for our client, Predilytics, a predictive analytics company, they successfully sold their company to Welltok, Inc.Pred_bottom

Again, shortly after creating a comprehensive rebrand and launching a new identity for Unica Corporation, they successfully sold to IBM. At about the same time, our client, Netezza, was also sold to IBM. There was also Coley Pharmaceuticals and Targanta Therapeutics; these are but a few client transactions that have happened not long after our collaborations were completed.

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Steve Jobs’ Legacy: Phase 1, Flash Finale

flash icon“Adobe Bows in Office Feud,” so reads the headline of the front page article in today’s Wall Street Journal in the Marketplace section. The gist is that Adobe will no longer attempt to push Flash for browsers that come with smart phones and tablet computers and will increase its support of HTML5.

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What Bad Restaurant Websites Can Teach Us

anti_flash_(4)I read this very entertaining and scathing article in the Globe today  about the current state of restaurant websites. It is worth a read.

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