A Marketer’s Education and the 2012 B2B Demand Generation Survey

Demand Generation Survey 2012 resized 600In the ever-expanding world of internet marketing, data is becoming increasingly available and valuable. Analytics are the benchmark of good reporting and proof of that ever-pesky ROI, and are even useful in highlighting more qualitative results, like brand loyalty and emotional connection.

In 2012, what is a marketer without data to streamline engagement, acquisition, and retention of customers and clients?

And, in 2012, what is a good marketer without the thirst to hone his or her craft by harnessing more effective data?

This is where B2B marketers especially have the ability to learn from each other’s experiences and accumulate shared perspectives. 

In a partnership with Eloqua and CMO.com, research firm Software Advice has launched a 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey to ask questions on the future of lead generation, focusing primarily on:

  • What demand-gen channels do your peers find most successful?
  • Will they be spending more or less on leads next year, and for what channels?
  • What content and offers deliver the best results?

Utilizing the input of B2B marketers, the report generated from the survey will highlight demand-gen programs compared across industry peers and experts.

As a marketing agency that continues to learn and evolve with each new project and client, this kind of crowdsourced data provides us an opportunity to compare our understanding with others in similar situations. As a result, we have an enhanced ability to improve upon our programs and client work. 

Yes, this is all relatively straightforward. But so is this survey – hence the beauty in participating. And at times it’s important to remind ourselves of the resources at hand, and that there is still so much still yet to learn.