An Icon is Worth 1,000 Words

With the display of websites and mobile devices requiring businesses to be brief and to the point — or lose online traffic, the value of pictures and especially icons has grown and will continue to gain in importance.  

In our popular Copywriting for the Web eBook, we discuss the importance of brevity and conciseness in web writing, but the power of concise visual designs that speak the proverbial thousand words cannot be underestimated. As any writer knows, it is a greater challenge to be brief than verbose. “If I had more time, I’d write a short letter,” Mark Twain once said.

It is an equal challenge for designers to distill concepts into their most core element and still communicate. As we are in the age of responsive design and the mobile user interface, the value of simple, clean and informative imagery is only going to grow.  

At RainCastle, we have been creating compelling visual icons that enhance our client’s user experiences for years. Below is a small collection.  


law firm icons

Law firm Lando & Anastasi Service Area Icons


describe the image


Thermo Fisher Scientific Process Icons


Unica IBM icons

Unica (Now IBM) Expertise Icons