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Capitalizing on a Trend: the merits of Catvertising””

Catvertising is the future, and we’re on board.

John St., an advertising and creative agency based in Toronto, is looking to the next big thing in marketing by introducing their catvertising innovation: “By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of the content on the worldwide web.” That, my friends, is a cash cow waiting to moo. Or a cash cat waiting to purr? You see my point.

Connecting themes and trends in viral content to the overhaul of a company is a brilliant twist in highlighting what is so great and at the same time can be so misleading to clients about modern marketing firms: yes, we’re able to look to trends and get creative in using them to promote a business, but we also don’t spend all day watching cat videos online. John St., impressively, has been able to address both. 

Many times a company can capitalize on the popularity of a trend and its brand identity will benefit. People like to be entertained, and brand loyalty can be built through laughter, not just for businesses in creative fields. When Old Spice produced The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, it created a viral sensation that crowned it one of the most modern men’s care companies in the US.

The lesson here is don’t afraid to be funny. When done right, it will do you more good than bad. Also, invest in cats. They’re gold mines.