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What Today’s Marketing Numbers Mean for Your B2B Business – Part 3: Mobile

Mobile: Mobile queries have grown 500% in the past year and 40% of people will turn to a competitor for a mobile experience that gives them a good user experience

Ever had a frustrating experience viewing a website on your phone? Well, chances are your clients have, too. This statistic represents two key concepts: mobile search is an undeniable beast, and potential consumers will turn to a competitor if your website is not optimized for mobile to a point where it makes browsing difficult.

Mobile can be a daunting task to approach; it entails a few different potential tactics, and can be as important format- and content-wise as an actual website redesign. The three strategies at your disposal are:

  1. Creating a separate website optimized and designed for mobile
  2. Creating a responsive website design that works across desktops, tablets, and smartphones

  3. Creating a mobile app

Each of these options can suit your mobile visitor’s needs, and the first step is deciding which one is most appropriate for your current situation. Is it creating a website from scratch that is responsive to each technology, or building a mobile-specific website that smartphone and tablet visitors get directed to?


evernote mobile appEvernote, a popular organizational software company, has the
perfect service for a mobile app, as most customers use it on-the-go.
Image courtesy of BusinessWeek.

For more details on selecting the best option for your business, consult the three posts in our responsive design series (above).

There is an effective way to kick off your company’s internet marketing efforts with first steps that address these statistics: take baby steps. Take the first step in creation and integration, and create campaigns that you can build on and develop in the coming years.

Stay tuned for future posts in which we’ll address some of the other enlightening industry statistics and how you can harness them to reach your modern consumer.