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Building Client Trust in Internet Marketing

Our clients and partners are a bright bunch; highly educated and accomplished in their fields. So it has surprised me lately in a few conversations about internet marketing, social media, content marketing, etc., that they can be uncertain or uneducated about it. It’s interesting to see that in the world with everything at our fingertips, we can still live in our own bubbles.

At RainCastle, we’ve learned that just because it’s our job to be on top of the latest internet technology, trends and terminology, much of it is still something of a mystery to a lot of smart people. So, where we previously might have presented full internet marketing programs with all the moving parts — content creation, SEO, email marketing, landing page design, social media strategy and so forth — we are now more often starting with just one thing.

Let’s use Google Analytics as an example of a low cost tool we sometimes start with. It’s certainly not the only tool we’d start with, but most people are at least somewhat familiar, although surprisingly few actively use this tool. Because it logs all traffic to your website, you very quickly collect a lot of useful data. From this data you are able to see customer and prospect trends. Then you can decide to take a next step, like creating custom content to generate more specific traffic or perhaps a lead generation email program with an offer.

Each successive tactic provides more data and allows for more targeted marketing, enabling you to nurture prospects, which leads to more “conversions” (marketing-speak for a sale).

By keeping things simple, you can ease into internet marketing at a low cost and garner incredibly useful intelligence that builds upon itself, making you even smarter and more in control.