RainCastle New Home page a Window into Integrated Strategy

RainCastle home pageNovember and December have been extraordinarily busy and exciting at RainCastle with the simultaneous launch of three exciting new websites: for global innovation strategy and consulting firm Innosight, public and private sector professional services firm, Tapestry Networks, and the Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston (JCCGB)

The scale of this new work plus our growth in the internet marketing space have deepened the ways we are engaging with our clients. Our new work and services are reflected in the new RainCastle homepage launched yesterday. Look for additional changes within the site in Q1, 2012.

The new RainCastle homepage boldly showcases the three new websites by providing a set of “panels” for each with thumbnail image and headline text that links to a brief story about the project, which contains a link to each site. The panels will rotate over time to feature the latest client work that highlights successful client collaborations and supports the RainCastle brand.

Beneath the main graphic panels, we’re featuring a selection of other projects in our portfolio, links to recent blogposts from our “Driving Rain” blog and an area we’re calling, “Featured Content,” which offers recent content of value to our clients and prospects. This area will grow over time and is augmented by our Resources section, which contains useful articles, white papers and videos.

Less visible in nature, but equally exciting is our continuing relationship with these clients with whom we are collaborating on additional marketing programs involving SEO, analytics lead generation and social media, as well as additional features on their websites. Over time, we will be featuring this work as well. Ultimately, demonstrating the value of the successful integration of brand strategy, website user experience and ongoing results through internet marketing is the RainCastle value proposition.

We’d love to hear your comments on the new homepage!