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Happy Thanksgiving from RainCastle and the HubSpot Unicorn

The holidays are a great time to re-connect with customers and reinforce professional and personal relationships for your brand. One of the best ways to do this is by sending a holiday card or holiday-themed newsletter that celebrates the time of year, offers content or exclusive promotions, or just offers a laugh.

Case in point: Internet marketing firm HubSpot has created a set of Thanksgiving eCards featuring their crass and beloved HubSpot Unicorn.

HubSpot Unicorn

HubSpot’s brand is centered primarily on two things: a constant push for inbound marketing, and a young, innovative community culture. The HubSpot Unicorn, with his immense knowledge of pop culture, love of marketing, and colorful language, is the perfect representative for the brand and is a the best voice for the company’s holiday marketing campaign.

The HubSpot Unicorn is also used actively in other branding efforts: he’s on Instagram, has a Twitter handle, and is used as an icon at conferences since his initial, controversial debut at Dreamforce.

HubSpot Unicorn on a horse

How does your holiday marketing campaign work with your year-round branding to encourage customer participation and brand awareness? Do you need a new company card designed? Contact RainCastle for your holiday needs, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!