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Commodity vs. Intelligent Websites

We received an RFP for a B2B website the other day. It was worded in a way as to constrain response to clearly specified tasks. When the firm called and asked us what made us different from the half dozen other firms that received the RFP, I said, “possibly nothing.” I wasn’t being flippant, just acknowledging that most anybody can create a basic website, the cost is dropping and the tools are improving.

What continues to surprise me is how little customers and prospects expect from their sites, how few actually use the analytics available to them to learn about their customer’s needs, and how challenging it is to convey the strategic importance of the site’s content. As websites become easier to create, their perceived value, as well as cost to create, is mistakenly becoming commoditized. The generic state of B2B website RFP’s is a reflection of this.

Where RainCastle adds value is engaging with clients who view the website as a strategic tool to be integrated with other marketing programs and rich in benefits-driven, differentiated content that both directs users where they need to go and makes it worthwhile once they get there.

If you are looking for your website to separate from the sea of sameness, you must be prepared to engage in the hard work of digging deep into your customer’s mind to really understand how to convey your value to them. Then, through considered content development, information architecture, design, appropriate use of interactivity and connecting to other marketing programs, we can build you a strong lead generation website that will make a difference to your business.

Two recent examples of intelligent websites we’ve created are for professional services clients. With each, the principals in these firms were deeply engaged in the process, consequently the messaging is powerful, differentiating and on-target.
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