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Creating a Tagline that Your Client Will Fall in Love With

The CEO of a client for whom we recently created a brand was what I would call a “mildly supportive observer” throughout a comprehensive branding process we led his company through. When he heard the tagline, it all clicked for him and he became an effective brand evangelist to his customers and employees. It takes Tiger Woods thousands of putts to sink that 10 footer when it matters. The right tagline follows that same logic.

In much of the work we do crafting brand identities and interactive experiences, words are strategic elements of design. Strong messaging is the warp and weft in the fabric of a strong brand. As part of our brand engagements, I develop a lot of taglines for our clients. The term “tagline” has always bothered me because it has such a trivial sound, bringing to mind the in-house competitions companies often have, especially in lean times.

When done right a tagline can catch the imagination of a company and drive home the
key differentiator. If the underlying brand positioning is authentic, “a tagline is worth a
thousand pictures.”

In my next post, I’ll share five tips for creating a tagline your clients will fall in love with.