I Could Be Don Draper

Paul Regensburg as Don DraperFirst of all, let’s get this out of the way. For those of you who don’t know, Don Draper is the protagonist in the TV series, Mad Men, which takes place around 1960 in the office of fictitious ad agency, Sterling Cooper. For six years, I’ve watched Don’s character unfold. The similarities between us are evident.

Don Draper is a Creative Director.
I am a Creative Director.

Don Draper has been made a partner in the agency.
I am the owner of an agency

Don Draper is suave and irresistible to women.
I have imagination.

Don Draper is married to Betty, a dead ringer for Grace Kelly.
I am married to Robin. She is cute.

Don Draper has a secret life.
I know how to keep a secret.

Don Draper chain-smokes and drinks.
I am addicted to Strawberry Smoothies.

Don Draper is watched by millions.
I am read by hundreds.

Don Draper can be ice cold.
I can be luke warm.

Don Draper knows what motivates people.
I am surprised by what motivates people.

Don Draper leads by expertise.
I lead by example.

Don Draper practices tough love, often minus the love.
I practice tough love, often without the tough.

Don Draper is fascinating.
I’m hoping the blog gets me there.