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This Website is Not JUST About Driving Business

Most of the time, making a difference for our clients means moving the needle in terms of how they present their company, product or service; how they feel about their new brand, website and approach to marketing and ultimately, what the work we’ve created will do for their business.

describe the imageThis week, we launched a site for Urban Achievers (UA), an organization whose ultimate goal is not just to be a hub for driving business, but to support a community of educators, parents, students and professionals working together 10+ hours per day, six days per week, 11 months per year to improve the learning and overall development of students in underserved communities.

Based in Dorchester, MA, in the Epiphany School, UA offers after-school, weekend and summer programs to students starting in the fifth grade and continues to work with them through high school to provide educational and life-skills experiences that prepare them for future responsibilities and success.

Over the years, we spent a great deal of time at UA: meeting and interviewing the teachers, students, volunteers, Board and Founder. We watched as the first class of students graduated last spring; heard the names of every single child and the list of extraordinary high schools they’re now attending; met the many mentors around the community in various fields who continue to work with UA students and their families to inspire and motivate them to continue to succeed.

Launching the site and video this Thanksgiving is a way of expressing gratitude to all our clients and partners; you’ve made it possible for us to donate our services to UA. We’re grateful to all of you and we’re especially proud to be associated with Urban Achievers.