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Fount Bio

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Fount Bio is a startup biotechnology company in the medical aesthetics arena. The company will be developing novel medical skin products to mitigate the effects of aging.

While there are many products targeting this market, FountBio’s uniquely non-invasive application of the polymer, hyaluronic acid, is something new.

While Fount Bio is developing this promising technology, they needed communications materials including a new logo, website and PowerPoint in order to present themselves as a viable business, touch upon the science and attract further investment.

The Fount name suggested both the “Fountain of Youth” and a water theme. Beginning with the new logo, we developed a graphic that can be viewed as cells, water or polymers, all of which are relevant. For the website, we utilized an underwater theme to emphasize that Fount’s technology works below the surface of the skin. Additionally, we created interactive diagrams that illustrate how the technology works.

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