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Aeglea BioTherapeutics

Life Sciences

Brand Messaging / Copywriting / Website / SEO

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Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Interior pages with interactive elements

Interior pages with interactive elements

Family of icons and interactive infographic

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Aeglea is a leader in engineering human enzymes to address unmet needs in the battle to cure rare genetic diseases and cancer.

A public company, Aeglea needed a website that addressed several audiences including investors, scientists seeking jobs, caregivers, patients and the scientific community. Websites for drug discovery firms, especially public ones like Aeglea, require a delicate balance between presenting pure science to appeal to the scientific community, attracting the best talent, providing education for patients and caregivers, demonstrating progress regarding drug candidates for investors and the overall impression of modernity and leadership to build the brand and perpetuate marketing.

In order to achieve these goals, RainCastle in collaboration with Aeglea, wrote all site copy and performed SEO. We designed the site to be highly interactive such that the act of scrolling down the page triggers icons, copy and graphics to move into place and the pipeline diagram literally draws itself as one continues to scroll. This style of interactivity provides the website visitor a sense that Aeglea is a sophisticated company on the leading edge of technology and that the company makes it easy and compelling to engage with them.

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For the fifth year in a row, RainCastle is recognized as a leading B2B marketing partner by Clutch:

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