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21st Century Benefit Advisors Naming Project


Renaming a Benefits Advisory Service

21st Century Benefit Advisors came to RainCastle seeking a contemporary name that would appeal to the next generation of employees. Since this goal constituted a rebranding, we began the naming process by developing the following a positioning statement from which we could begin a focused naming process.

21st Century Benefit Advisors provides customized benefits solutions tailored to the specific needs of a young mobile workforce within leading edge technology organizations. Unlike traditional benefits brokers/consultants, our unique creative problem-solving delivers benefit programs that attract and retain top talent and guarantee a positive ROI, thus making our clients more competitive.

Built into the positioning statement were all the attributes we needed to touch upon for the new name. This resulted in Beneverse, a hybrid name consisting of “Benefits” and “Universe.” The feeling this evoked was one of limitless capabilities and possibilities, sentiments very appealing to their target audience.