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Capitalizing on a Trend: the merits of Catvertising””

Catvertising is the future, and we’re on board.

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GM Dropped Its Facebook Ads, Should You?

The Wall Street Journal broke the news on Wednesday that automobile giant General Motors has decided to discontinue its Facebook advertising efforts, which previously accounted for $10 million of its $1.8 billion ad spending.

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Is There Room for B2B Advertising In the Super Bowl?

It’s no secret that the Super Bowl hosts the most precious ad time of the year. Companies compete to create the most compelling ad; the one that will go viral and be remembered for years to come (Apple’s “1984,” the Budweiser frogs, and last year’s “The Force” from Volkswagen are some of my personal favorites, and I’m not alone).

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The Top 5 Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2011

Every year, companies compete for the onslaught of holiday shopping dollars by putting their best creative foot forward, creating targeted marketing campaigns that evoke the best and worst of the holiday season.

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QR Codes: Marketing Fad or Future?

Recently a client of ours for whom we do everything from web site work to direct marketing asked us to place a QR code on their next print ad. A QR code, for those unfamiliar, is a digital fingerprint — that looks like a square made up of a seemingly random organization of pixels — that when scanned with a smart phone, sends the user to a web page where the user can take advantage of an offer, buy an item, learn more etc.. In order to do this, the smart phone user must first download a “QR Reader, ” which will enable their smart phone to capture the data.

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Can You Resist Me”?”

What does the recession have in common with the average B2B website? In both cases, customers are conspicuously absent.

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I Could Be Don Draper

Paul Regensburg as Don DraperFirst of all, let’s get this out of the way. For those of you who don’t know, Don Draper is the protagonist in the TV series, Mad Men, which takes place around 1960 in the office of fictitious ad agency, Sterling Cooper. For six years, I’ve watched Don’s character unfold. The similarities between us are evident. Read more