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Trump & the Power of the Tagline

Amidst the blow-by-blow coverage of Donald Trump, and by association, the other candidates (including Democrats), there has been surprisingly little said about the 2016 candidates’ taglines and their impact, or lack thereof, thus far. This post should not be construed as an endorsement or opinion of any candidate, just their brand strategies as represented through their use of campaign taglines.

To understand the power of a tagline, look no further than Barack Obama’s success in 2008 with his two taglines: “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In.”

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How Working on Your Website Improves Your Brand & Business

The other day, I saw a website for an agency that uses the tagline, “We Work on Your Business, Not Just Your Website.” I related to the line’s strategic positioning and have to admit to being disappointed that I hadn’t come up with it myself.

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5 Tips For Creating a Tagline That Your Client Will Fall in Love With


There are plenty of tips for creating a tagline your client will fall in love with. These are on the top of my list.
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Creating a Tagline that Your Client Will Fall in Love With

The CEO of a client for whom we recently created a brand was what I would call a “mildly supportive observer” throughout a comprehensive branding process we led his company through. When he heard the tagline, it all clicked for him and he became an effective brand evangelist to his customers and employees. It takes Tiger Woods thousands of putts to sink that 10 footer when it matters. The right tagline follows that same logic.

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