Web Design / Development

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Web Design and Development

We view the website in two ways, as the hub of your marketing effort and as information hub to all of your audiences.

As the hub of your marketing, the variety of outbound and inbound marketing efforts such as PR, advertising, e-marketing, SEO, events, etc. will include response mechanisms that will bring visitors to your website to fulfill offers or learn more about you. These visitors can register for your content and become business leads. RainCastle has been creating lead generating websites since the inception of the commercial web.

Arguably the most important aspect of your website is the ease with which different audiences can find the content they seek. We begin by identifying and analyzing the needs of your various audiences with an eye toward how your website can best serve their needs. At the foundation level, we employ information architecture and content planning to define a site structure that fully satisfies the needs of the user. Our site navigation schemes always make it easy for all visitors to find what they need instantly. With award-winning creative built upon solid architecture and navigation, RainCastle delivers sites that visually amplify your message and positioning.

RainCastle's development team then combines the architecture, design and content to develop, test and activate your new site. Our seasoned team has been designing and developing award winning websites and applications for fifteen years.

With many clients we also assist with content development or editing, development of website databases, content management, online marketing programs, online communities and search engine optimization.

The website is the hub of your integrated marketing effort.

The website is the hub for your various audiences.