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User Interface Design

Our user interface design services are focused on helping your web-based application or software be easy-to-use and functionally effective.

For a website, much of the interface design revolves around effective information design and navigation paths that help a user locate relevant information quickly and easily.
For an application or business process, much of the emphasis is on understanding the tasks or process that must be modeled, and developing a straightforward interaction design, which supports that process.

We work with your team to identify the audiences that must be served, the use cases (or tasks), which must be accomplished and the data requirements, which underlie the process. From that, we develop an overall approach to the interaction and user interface specifications. Early in the process, we find it useful to provide "wireframe" prototypes that identify the data display, user interaction controls and paths, without the distraction of visual design elements. We use the wireframe to ensure all use cases and tasks are properly incorporated into the interface.

Subsequent to the wireframe, we explore visual design options and present them for discussion, selection and refinement. The visual design will incorporate the data and functionality as specified as well as incorporating corporate or product branding elements.

If you have a need to improve the user interface of your web site, product or service, let us help.