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Flash Design

Flash is one of the most valuable interactive tools we employ for communicating key messages, demonstrating products or services and differentiating our clients in the marketplace.

Flash is most commonly used on a website to provide brand or product messaging. It is also used to enhance the navigation experience on a website providing a seamless, intuitive user interface. We have the expert staff and creative flash development resources to take on all aspects of defining, designing, developing and delivering engaging, interactive flash presentations to fulfill your needs and engage your online audience.

We also use Flash development as a mechanism to introduce or demonstrate products or services or as an application such as a virtual tour of a facility. Embedded within Flash, a wide spectrum of interactive media can be employed; including video, animations, graphics, photography, and audio voiceovers, all with a high level of user interactivity and control. The resulting applications exhibit excellent user interactivity and memorable experiences.

Flash presentations can be delivered in a variety of mediums - as part of your website, on CDs, via email campaigns and/or on large flat screen displays at trade shows.

If you have a need to communicate key messages, demonstrate your product or service or enhance the overall user experience and usability of your website, let us show you how our interactive development skills can help you meet that goal.