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Database and CRM Integration

Database technology provides an easy way to represent structured information on your site. We commonly use databases as a mechanism for managing and displaying products, job openings, project portfolios, user registrations etc.

Databases are particularly useful in your site, when you have a need to display information in a uniform and consistent manner. Quite often this involves information such as products and product specifications, jobs, calendar of events, project portfolios etc. Using a database makes it easy to categorize information and allow users to sort and "slice and dice" the information in a way that is useful for them.

If users register at your site, we can design a database to keep track of their information and preferences, control access to your site or track requests and leads, which come through the site.

RainCastle can integrate with internal databases such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, or external databases and services. We have experience working with a wide variety of external services such as Salesforce.com, email/subscription services, and online marketing services such as Hubspot, Eloqua and Marketo, providing seamless links between your site and other operational systems, data and reporting.