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Website Content Management

Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date requires that we build it in a way that makes it easy for non-technical personnel to update existing content and add new content. A Content Management System (CMS) fulfills that need and more.

Your website is a living, breathing collection of content that needs to constantly change, if you want your search rankings to remain high. A website maintains relevancy and utility by means of keeping its content fresh. In order to accomplish this, those managing the website need the capability to easily update content when they choose. Building a website on a content-managed platform enables the non-programmer to maintain their website and make changes or add content as needed. Taking it a step further, a content-managed site also affords the abilityto personalize the website experience by offering specific content to specific audiences thus making the site more relevant and a stronger customer retention tool.

Three types of Content Management systems: Proprietary, Commercial and Open Source.

Many website development firms have their own custom designed content management systems, which is part of their full-service package. These vary in quality and once you use the firm to build the website, you are committed to working with that firm for the life of the site, whether or not the content management system can scale or you are satisfied with the vendor.

Commercial content management systems come in all shapes and sizes and there are enough good ones that you can find the right solution for your needs. We can guide you in this area.

Open Source systems are a rapidly growing option in which we can create a solution custom to your needs based on available code found on the internet. The benefits are customizability and cost and the risks are that there is less support available and bugs and security patches must be dealt with in a regular maintenance schedule.