Goody Clancy

Goody Clancy, a leading Boston Architecture, Planning and Preservation firm, engaged with RainCastle to define and articulate their brand strategy and execute a new logo, corporate identity system and state-of-the-art, Responsive website. Read the full story ↓

With a new team of leaders rising up the ranks, Goody Clancy wished to elevate and update their brand perception in the marketplace, and define the "essence" of what makes them valuable to their clients and different from their competitors. Our brand research and collaborative exercises resulted in a new set of brand strategy statements — positioning, mission and vision — and the "brand essence" of "Inspiring Transformation," which speaks to what Goody Clancy's work does for clients, as well as the end product.

We visualized this theme in a juxtaposition of words and images starting on the website homepage and carrying through to a new section we called, "Inspiring Works," again a branded, double entendre term for "case studies."

For the new logo, we treated the letterforms of the hybrid name GoodyClancy as modern architectural elements by creating a unique rhythm with the G and C letterforms. By removing slivers of the G and C — at the angle of the letter Y at the end of both names — we created an inherently forward leaning logo that tilts to the future. The crisp contrast of the rich gray of "Goody" and fire engine red of "Clancy" suggests the balance of good taste and boldness appealed to the team and supported the "Inspiring Transformation" brand. Show less ↑


Goody Clancy Tagline


Goody Clancy Logo

Card and stationery system

Goody Clancy stationery system

Responsive Website homepage

Goody Clancy Responsive Homepage

Practice Area landing page

Goody Clancy Practice Area Landing Page

Inspiring Works (case study)

Goody Clancy Inspiring Works (Case Study))

Vertical Market Area page

Goody Clancy Vertical Market Area Page
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