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Web Design & Interactive Marketing Case Studies

For examples of RainCastle's range, this selection of client case studies demonstrates creative thinking based upon strategic insight and business experience.

Shawmut Design and ConstructionHow does Shawmut Design and Construction, a leading construction company, show its value on the web during a recession? Learn more

Unica CorporationWhy would Unica Corporation, a technology category leader, rebrand during a recession? Learn more

ALS TDIHow does ALS TDI, a non-profit biotech, use a flash / video application to raise money and build awareness? Learn more

Thermo Fisher ScientificHow does Thermo Fisher Scientific, a huge laboratory equipment provider, gain the confidence of scientists? Learn more

Tyco ElectronicsHow does Tyco Electronics, an international telecommunications company, bring a new brand to market? Learn more

View these case studies and learn how we helped these companies to achieve
the desired results.