RainCastle Communications

Tapestry Networks

RainCastle worked with Tapestry to craft a brand message that distinguishes them as industry leaders.

Tapestry Networks brings together public and private sector leaders in invitation-only networks to work on critical and complex issues, such as corporate governance, regulation of the financial sector, and drug development and access. Its role as a trusted intermediary is unique.

Tapestry Networks wanted to overhaul their previous brand identity and online presence to align with the current Tapestry brand image. Tapestry needed a better understanding of the way their website could work for them in terms of interacting with associated networks and experts, disseminating leadership expertise, and attracting future employees.

How RainCastle Collaborated with Tapestry Networks

RainCastle worked closely with Tapestry to update their corporate and brand identity, create a new website, and establish a foundation for a sophisticated online experience that engages network members, as an extension of their personal relationships.

Key Features and Results

Tapestry competes with top tier consulting firms for talent. RainCastle conducted a brand strategy exercise, interviewing Tapestry recruits and current employees at all levels and crafted brand messaging and website user experience specifically for the Careers section of the website.

In addition, RainCastle trained the Tapestry team over three, one-hour sessions on best practices for web writing. This integrated our knowledge of how people engage with web content and how to make that content searchable and compelling.