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The Little Black Book of Innovation

RainCastle worked with Innosight to bring in over 350 leads in a single campaign and drive purchase conversions for The Little Black Book of Innovation.

Innosight-Asia Pacific Managing Director and author Scott D. Anthony is an expert in consulting for a vast range of industries, including health care, telecommunications, consumer products, and politics. His latest publication, The Little Black Book of Innovation, examines innovation practice and theory to create a complete guide for experienced innovators to improve success rates.

How RainCastle Collaborated with Innosight to promote The Little Black Book of Innovation

RainCastle and Innosight worked together to conceptualize an online marketing and information hub for The Little Black Book of Innovation that would involve promoting the book's launch, generating interest in the text with a free sample, and providing convenient online purchasing options.

Key Features and Results

RainCastle created a design panel on the innosight.com homepage with a link that directs visitors to a unique The Little Black Book of Innovation landing page; a page that highlights and promotes the book and includes a carousel of multi-colored panels, each of which features testimonials from industry leaders.

As part of the lead generation campaign, visitors to the landing page were encouraged to download a free excerpt of the book by filling out a form — one that registers their information as a lead — watch a short video of Scott Anthony to learn more, purchase the book, and follow Innosight social media accounts for more innovation insights.

This campaign, paired with a search engine optimization program aimed to bring more qualified traffic to the website, led to a 30% site-wide increase in incoming leads, over 350 conversions, and drove traffic to external shopping sources including Amazon and 800 CEO Read.