RainCastle Communications


The Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston (Boston JCCGB) exists to advance the aspirations of families and individuals to enrich their lives, bodies and spirits, by providing the best in contemporary programs and experiences, informed by Jewish values, for today's Jews and the people in their lives.

The JCCGB serves 50,000 men, women and children, representing 986 communities and every age and ability each year. With this expansive audience, the JCCGB needed to establish one central location for visitors to research all of their various associated branches, camps, and learning centers.

How RainCastle Collaborated with the JCCGB

The JCCGB has been operating as a series of separate web experiences for constituents of the central organization, Leventhal Sidman JCC branch, JCC Grossman Camp, JCC Maccabi Camp Kingswood, an additional JCC camp and JCC Early Learning Centers. Each of these properties had a separate website and their own registration processes further fragmenting the organization's identity to the community. Three were loosely tied together graphically, but none was adequately addressing the organization's growing need to present a comprehensive view of programs and services to the community. RainCastle was tasked with creating the ultimate JCCGB website.

Key Features and Results

RainCastle designed the new homepage to incorporate all of the JCCGB properties into a single, user-friendly experience. A revolving set of graphic panels at the top introduce the new JCCGB, "Jewish My Way" brand.

For each section of the website, whether it's Camps and Vacations, Early Learning, Cultural and Performing Arts, etc., we created a set of designed "landing page" templates which are like mini-homepages presenting the unique content and sub-navigation for that section. This involved RainCastle creating an intricate internal organization structure for the website aimed at ease of use and navigation for visitors.