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Echelon connects more than 35 million homes, 300,000 buildings and 100 million devices to the smart grid, helping customers save on their energy usage. With more than twenty years of experience in energy control, Echelon delivers a wide range of innovative solutions to commercial and electric utility customers.

How RainCastle Collaborated
with Echelon

RainCastle created the Echelon website to bring to life the new "Energy Control Networking" brand message and show how it applies to the energy needs of buildings, cities and the entire smart grid. In addition, we re-architected the website for much easier access to Echelon's breadth of applications and products.

Key Features

There are several distinguishing features of the Echelon website, beginning with the home page. The rotating carousel, with its large, colorful, full-bleed images, paints a compelling vision for our energy future and links the visitor to their smart grid, smart city and smart building applications, which transform the vision into reality. Each of these application pages is carefully designed to include an easy-to-read diagram and a simple tabbed navigation scheme that addresses how the system works and how Echelon's different audiences utilize each solution.