RainCastle Communications

Beaver-Visitec International

BVI worked with RainCastle to create a direct marketing lead generation campaign and an accompanying assembly video that drove traffic to targeted sections of the website.

Beaver-Visitec International (BVI) represents the leading ophthalmic brands and products, including microsurgical blades and electrosurgery products. Over 78 years of experience has made them a source for trusted solutions, blending a tradition of quality with forward-thinking surgical solutions.

BVI needed a marketing campaign to promote their new line of Beaver brand mini-blades. This project would involve sending out free samples of the blades to encourage current and prospective surgical customers to invest in the cutting-edge tool.

How RainCastle Collaborated with Beaver-Visitec

After redesigning their website, RainCastle worked with BVI to strategize, create, and implement a lead generation campaign based the free mini-blade product offer. The project goals were to: drive current clients to the website, register leads in an effective, measurable way, and promote the new line of Beaver brand mini-blades.

Key Features and Results

The campaign included the creation of branded Internet marketing and print materials to create a seamless marketing program across multiple platforms. RainCastle designed a direct mail piece and an accompanying offer email to be sent out to current clients, as well as a landing page form and thank you page to funnel the visitor through conversion to become a lead. This free offer resulted in 156 conversions of ophthalmic surgeons from across the country.

RainCastle also worked with BVI to produce a complimentary assembly video detailing how to assemble the new, free mini-blades with current Beaver brand handles, which has become one of the most trafficked pages on the website.