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Social Media Marketing

The easy-sharing capabilities of social media platforms can help build your online reputation and spread your company's message.

Within the past few years social media has become an important new marketing frontier. Originally dismissed by many companies as a passing fad for the young, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn now account for a significant amount of time and advertising dollars spent online across all age categories and demographics.

Due to the messaging and sharing capabilities of social media sites, these channels are now the easiest way to quickly disseminate (good or bad) information about a company. Used well, social media can expand the reach of a company's message, brand or reputation. In addition, it is the best way to quickly address and dispel negative rumors or false accusations of a company. On the flipside, a poorly managed or neglected social media strategy can spell disaster for the reputation of a brand or company.

RainCastle can help manage all aspects of your firm's social media marketing including:

  • High-level social media strategy
  • Social media monitoring for keywords and phrases
  • Industry and competitive social media monitoring
  • Custom designs for Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter advertising management