Content Strategy and Development

Do you need to generate more leads on your website? Be ranked better on Google? We recommend that you view your website content strategy as a continual process rather than a one time event. Having fresh content that is search engine optimized is at the heart of what will make your website a real marketing tool. We help you create compelling offers that will nurture those leads down the sales funnel and/or cause prospects to contact you. Here are the steps toward creating your web content strategy:

Content stategy and development

  1. Buyer Personas – In order to make your website relevant to solving the problems of your audience, creating a persona of the buyer or the problem a buyer is having, is the first step toward a relevant website.
  2. SEO – Getting keywords right goes a long way toward producing content your visitors will want to read.
  3. Calls-to-Action – Think less about your home page as the be-all and end-all. Every page in your site should be considered a landing page and have some sort of “call-to-action” to enable your audience to engage with you.
  4. Offer Creation – Create offers for visitors to engage with you at increasingly deeper levels. This builds your “thought leadership credentials” and over time, a valuable library of resources through which visitors will engage.
  5. Website Analytics – By tracking your analytics in Google Analytics or another tool, you will learn, in real-time, if your content strategy is getting the desired results or whether you need to rethink or refine content to meet your goals.