Visual Identity

Visual Identity, sometimes called Visual Brand Identity, is a term that encompasses a broad communications landscape. At the highest level, your visual identity encompasses all visual expression of your brand. The components of your visual identity then, may include:

Visual Identity

Corporate Identity – Logo, stationery system, email template, signage, forms, apparel

Brand Identity – brand standards including color palette, typography, icon library, imagery such as photography or illustration styles, and copywriting tone and personality

Applications – Applications of the logo and brand identity on the website, collateral, presentations, tradeshows, advertising, direct marketing, social media, etc.

That the above-mentioned aspects of your brand convey a cohesive message and appearance wherever the customers experience the brand, is the reason that Visual Identity is so important. A cohesive Visual Identity projects that you clearly stand for something, that you run a tight ship and that one can consistently expect the highest level of professionalism from your organization, whenever and wherever they meet you.

When RainCastle engages with you on Brand Strategy, we are always thinking about how we can bring strategic concepts to life in a powerful way that works across all media. That is the benefit of our integrated approach.