Branding / Marketing Strategy

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Nothing can focus a brand better than a great tagline.

The simplicity of an effective tagline is deceptive. Many companies think great taglines are simple to create, when in fact they are micro-brand strategies that are nearly always distilled from solid brand strategy work. Different types of companies have drastically different tagline requirements.

  • Emerging or start-up companies: often choose literal and/or descriptive taglines that describe what they do so that they can be readily identified in the marketplace.
  • Established consumer companies: choose more abstract ideas that personally resonate with their potential customer, such as Nike's "Just Do It."
  • Aspirational companies: generally stress abstract ideas, like "possibility."

One of the challenges in developing a strong tagline is having the vision and discipline to keep peeling back the layers of brand messaging until a single concept stands above all others in representing the value proposition of your company.

When this is successfully expressed in a tagline one clear voice is shared with the outside world and the company is internally unified by a simple, memorable mission.