Branding / Marketing Strategy

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B2B Branding

RainCastle provides B2B branding strategies, corporate and product naming,
and vibrant visual brands for clients.

As a B2B design and branding agency, there are 3 key areas where we can be most helpful to you:

  • Brand Strategy
    • Through interviews with internal stakeholders and external audiences, competitive website audits and analysis of the results, we define your brand territory and craft brand messaging that addresses the needs of your varied audiences. We then express this brand strategy visually and in copy.
  • Visual Brand Strategy
    • We translate your brand strategy into a cohesive visual language, on your website, collateral, advertising, marketing programs, infographics and social media. Visualizing your brand strategy is a little piece of magic, and what makes the brand strategy memorable, unique and sticky.
  • Understanding B2B Audiences
    • Understanding your audience is the most fundamental building block of a solid brand strategy. Our research in this area is invaluable to establish your brand as B2B audiences have a longer sales cycle than B2C and as a result require more insight to their need for education and nurturing. Your audience comes to your website with both a corporate and personal need, which generally means we want to consider both the rational and emotional aspects of your brand.

Our B2B branding services, while integrated, are grouped into these categories:

For more information on our B2B branding and related services, please call us at 617-965-2681 x 225. Or visit our selected branding portfolio.