Branding / Marketing Strategy

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Brand Strategy

By examining areas of strategic opportunity, conducting extensive audits and analysis, and bridging the gap between client and customer, we are able to architect a successful brand strategy that highlights brand messaging and reflects company objectives.

How do we create a brand strategy?

Define strategic opportunity

We define strategic opportunity by addressing the core challenges in a client's business problem. Redefining brand strategy begins by examining client frustrations and company goals.

A few scenarios we commonly address are:

  • Slow market growth
  • Wrongly-perceived value of products, services or solutions
  • Declining market share or new competitors
  • New messaging and visual brand strategy
  • New products, services or solutions
  • New capabilities

Competitive Analysis and Audit

Before engaging in brand strategy analysis, we conduct a thorough study of the competitive space by auditing competitor's websites and reviewing content such as:

  • Pertinent articles
  • White papers
  • Blogs

This gives us the contextual perspective to identify and visualize a brand strategy that will differentiate your company from all others in the marketplace.

Internal Analysis

To get to the heart of a brand strategy, we conduct interviews with internal stakeholders, individually and during group meetings. By observing and noting the differences gained from these conversations, we extrapolate attitudes, beliefs and facts that can later be measured against insights from your customers and other external parties.

External Analysis

Subsequent to internal analysis, we engage in customer conversations by taking a cross-section of customers for whom we create a custom questionnaire to guide conversations and test internal audience assumptions.

This testing will reveal whether the company's values and perspectives are aligned with their customer perceptions, and will help enable us to create a comprehensive brand strategy.

Gap Analysis

Based upon our Gap Analysis — the delta between internal and external findings— we recommend brand strategy positioning statements. Our "positioning maps" demonstrate how these brand strategy approaches compare to the competition.