Branding / Marketing Strategy

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Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

Once brand strategy has been implemented, your corporate identity and brand identity become the visual personification of that strategy, transforming it into a cohesive communication system.

The corporate identity is the foundation of your communications and the visual representation of your brand and corporate reputation. Its heart is your logo and it extends to how your logo is applied throughout all online and offline corporate applications. To protect and manage the integrity of your logo, we create a Corporate Identity Standards Guide that will enable your team to maintain consistency in how your new logo is used.

Once the brand strategy and corporate identity are in place, we create the visual language that will bring them to life in the brand identity. This is where magic can happen—where we take research, logic and analytics and transform them into a unique and memorable combination of words, images and color using best practices for design and usability. Common elements of this visual brand identity include:

  • Corporate website
  • Interactive presentations
  • Marketing programs – online and offline
  • Social media
  • Collateral
  • Event graphics
  • PowerPoint

A successful brand identity gains traction and builds awareness through consistent application in all of these communication vehicles.